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What’s Going On with the Bond Construction Program? Here’s How to Find Out

JPS Health Network

Things are moving quickly as JPS Health Network begins the difficult work of expanding its facilities and capabilities while continuing to deliver care to thousands of patients each day.

We know you want to stay on top of things, so we’ve created several ways for you to get all the latest information about the future of healthcare in Tarrant County:

Yes to JPS Website

Your first stop for the latest news on planning, construction, and other progress is the web page. There you’ll find articles rich with details about the planning process and updates about when things are going to happen. It includes an archive of the process of reimagining JPS from the passage of the bond referendum in November 2018 through all the archived meetings up to today.

Got Questions? Need Answers?

We’ve created a link for your inquiries on the Yes to JPS home page. We read every question every day. Click here to go to the question form.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

We’ve created a newsletter that will provide all the details about the bond construction program you could ever want to know. Sign up by entering your email at the bottom of the Yes to JPS home page.

Want Even More?

Here are some links to featured partners in the JPS future plan.


Tarrant County Hospital District Bond Election Page

Blue Ribbon Committee

JPS Board of Managers Meetings on YouTube